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Mercusuar pulau Lengkuas

Mercusuar pulau Lengkuas

Bila menyebut pulau Belitung (kadang disebut juga dengan Belitong atau Biliton), tak lengkaplah rasanya bila tidak mengunjungi pulau Lengkuas yang terletak di barat laut pulau Belitung. Atau bila anda menghadap kearah utara dari pantai Tanjung Kelayang, letaknya diarah jam sepuluh, sekitar 300 derajat barat laut.

Pulau yang masih berada dalam kecamatan Sijuk ini sejatinya merupakan ikon pulau Belitung yang terkenal dengan negeri Laskar Pelangi-nya.

Untuk mencapai pulau Lengkuas ini, bisa melalui desa Tanjung Kelayang maupun desa Tanjung Binga. Bila anda memilih desa Tanjung Kelayang  sebagai starting point-nya, maka anda bisa mampir ke pulau Pasir, pulau Babi, pulau Burung, dan pulau Kelayang terlebih dahulu sebelum akhirnya ke pulau Lengkuas. Namun bila anda mengambil rute Tanjung Binga, maka anda bisa mampir ke pulau Litung dan pulau Semaju, sebelum akhirnya menuju pulau Lengkuas.

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Belitung Island - Kaolin Lake, Tanjung Pandan

Kaolin Lake, Tanjung Pandan

This landscape is ex-mining of Kaolin, Tin, and Sand Glass, substances of ceramics. This kind of ex-mining  widely spread along the sideway of Tanjung Pandan city. This multicolored lake reminds me of mount Kelimutu crater at Flores island, NTT, which have 3 crater with different color each other.

Belitung Island - Kaolin lake, and it's size

Kaolin lake, and it’s size

This image should enable you to see the true size of the lake

Belitung Island - Tanjung Tinggi beach

Tanjung Tinggi beach

Almost overall area of this beach are covered by thousands of huge granite rock. You may find some available swimming spot with obviously clear water and shallow enough to take the kids playing around. The only minus of this place is vandalism action over some rock by irresponsible visitor.

Belitung Island - Sunset Fisherman at Bukit Berahu beach

Sunset Fisherman at Bukit Berahu beach

Two fisherman boats at golden sunset across Bukit Berahu beach.

Belitung Island - Bukit Berahu beach

Bukit Berahu beach

This narrow beach of Bukit Berahu quite calm, and recommended to be the place of your honeymoon spot with your dearest one. With a clean hostel around Bukit Berahu, you don’t have to worry about the place to stay. It’s wooden material of the lodge will for sure gives you romantic moments even more.

Belitung Island - Sand Island

Sand Island

A partial part of pulau Pasir (Sand island)

Belitung Island - Sand island (pulau Pasir)

Sand island (pulau Pasir)

Sand island with Babi island on the background. This island will only appear when the tide is on it’s low level. As contrary, the island will drown by the sea when the tide on it’s high level.

Belitung Island - Pulau Burung (Bird island)

Pulau Burung (Bird island)

Spoiled your eyes with this clear water beach of Burung island

Belitung Island - Burung island

Burung island

This island quite large with tipical granit rock on some spot of the beach. Swimming, taking a picture, or just to sits under the trees over the beach and drinking one or more coconut water freshly picked from the tree, will makes your day of course.

Belitung Island - Pulau Burung (Burung island)

Pulau Burung (Burung island)

This “bird head alike” rock what makes the island called by Burung (Bird) island

Belitung Island - Pulau Burung (Bird island)

Pulau Burung (Bird island)

Another view point of Bird island beach. You can find how large this island if you see someone represent with the black spot in the middle up of this image.

Belitung Island - Lengkuas island

Lengkuas island

Lengkuas island, or Galangal, are often used as seasoning of Indonesian cuisine and can be a herbal medicine for reumathism, headache, etc. The lighthouse manufactured by Chance Brothers & Co, Near Birmingham at 1882, even it’s full of rust all over the wall, this lighthouse still stand strong till now. Genset on this island operate at 18.00 to 23.00. With solar panel system on the top of the lighthouse as secondary power source to light up the lighthouse at night to morning.

Belitung Island - Tanjung Kelayang beach

Tanjung Kelayang beach

From this beach, island hoping activities mostly started. And nearby the beach, you may find shooting spot of Laskar Pelangi movie, as Lintang’s house at the scene.

Belitung Island - Burong Mandi beach

Burong Mandi beach

This beach is so quite at noon, maybe because of the sun shine so bright or maybe it’s less attractive then the other beach spot of Belitung island in common.

Belitung Island - Bukit Samak, a view to the sea

Bukit Samak, a view to the sea

From this hill (Bukit Samak), you’ll find an amazing seascape over your eyes. The white line on the sea is “sand barrier” forming sand ring over the beach. You may find two sand island over it too. Around Bukit Samak itself, lies some animal cage, such as albatross, weasel, monkey, etc. And some gazebo to relaxing your day.